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The Germstar brand was founded in 2008 with the aim of answering the increasing demand for good hand disinfection solutions and to promote health through safe infection control. The brand consequently specialized in the development and production of disinfectants and the associated dispensing systems. The highly effective product, which kills 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and fungicides, and the contactless dispensers made Germstar a popular brand in the healthcare industry. In times of increased bacterial load, the products are also often used in public areas or other trades. Germstar can also be found in Switzerland in many public buildings or medical facilities. When you buy Germstar products, you get a well-designed system but most importantly a highly effective disinfectant.

Where can you buy Germstar products?

On our online store you can access a wide range of Germstar products and also order them directly. Typical items include contactless disinfectant dispensers, disinfection columns and the disinfectant itself. Due to the controlled dispensing quantity, the dispenser systems are very economical, but give the user enough disinfectant for optimal hand disinfection. Buy the high quality dispenser system with matching disinfectant directly from our online store and benefit from fast delivery times and low prices.

Learn more about Germstar

Germstar's goal is to stop the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungicides. The non-contact dispensers are also designed to further reduce the risk of contamination. In addition to effectiveness, however, skin compatibility is also of great importance, which is why each Germstar disinfectant is formulated with additives to prevent skin dehydration. Germstar has earned many prestigious references over the past few years, such as Amazon, Mercedes and Audi, which shows that it is a system that works.