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The Numatic company has its origins in England and today is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning machines. The company sells single-disc machines, scrubber-driers, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment all over the world. in 2009, Numatic also established a branch in Switzerland. The secret of their success is the close contact with the dealers and the customers. This has allowed the products and service to be perfectly designed to meet the needs of users. In addition, the products are also known for their outstanding quality and durability. Sustainability is also an important aspect of the company's policy, which is mainly promoted by climate-efficient production. So when you buy Numatic products, they benefit from sustainable quality and over 50 years of experience in the field of cleaning machines.

Where can you buy Numatic products?

Through our online store you have access to a wide range of Numatic products, which you can order right away. Especially for commercial use, the cleaning machines are perfect. Whether it is a vacuum cleaner or a single-disc machine, with us you will find the right Numatic product for your application. Buy the high-quality products conveniently and easily directly from our online store and benefit from comprehensive advice and fair prices.

Learn more about Numatic

The Numatic company was founded in 1969 in England in a town called Crewkerne, where it also developed the first vacuum cleaner for oil, coal and gas boilers. The company quickly expanded due to the great demand and also increased its product range. The legendary vacuum cleaner named "Henry" then helped the company to achieve worldwide fame. in 1990, the company switched to in-house production to further improve quality. Today, the company has several branches on different continents and is one of the leading manufacturers in its industry.