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Sammelsäcke PET 110l
PET collection bags 110 liters
Content 60 Stück
CHF 18.60 *

PET consists entirely of crude oil or natural gas. Both raw materials belong to the non-renewable energies, which is why PET is such a valuable material. Fortunately, PET is also material that can be 100% recycled. However, to do so, the plastic must be collected and separated. To do this, buy the official PET recycling bags. The 110l bags avoid the frequent trip to the collection point and can be handed in at all PET collection points in Switzerland.

Is PET recycling worthwhile?

PET recycling accounts for a large proportion of total plastic recycling and is worthwhile for a number of reasons.


PET is made from petroleum or natural gas. Neither is a renewable resource. Recycling PET can save several million liters of petroleum each year. Conscious separation of plastic thus ensures sustainable waste management.


Especially in Switzerland PET recycling is very easy due to the good infrastructure. There are over 50,000 collection points for PET beverage bottles spread throughout Switzerland. Companies and businesses can usually also have the recycling bags picked up directly.


The delivery of PET beverage bottles is free of charge for households at all sales points. In any case, it is cheaper to hand in PET than to dispose of it in the garbage or household waste. Companies can usually have the full bags collected by a collection point.

What are PET collection bags?

The official PET collection bags are transparent liner bags for waste garbage cans, recycling boxes or waste bag holders. The bags hold 110 liters and are equipped with a drawstring for easy closure. The bags are supplied in packages of 6 rolls, with each roll containing 10 bags. For companies or collection points, bulk quantities can also be purchased through our online store.

What belongs in the PET collection bag?

Only products labeled PET should be collected in the PET collection bags. This is the only way to ensure pure recycling and thus high quality. PET products are almost exclusively PET beverage bottles. To save space, the bottles should be compressed before disposal. This way, significantly more bottles can be collected per bag.

Buy PET collection bags

Buy the official PET collection bags easily and quickly via our online store and benefit from fast delivery directly from the Swiss warehouse. Order a matching recycling box in one of the many attractive designs to go with the collection bag. If you have any questions or uncertainties, you can contact our competent customer service. We are happy to be able to help you.