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Cleaning and disinfection with the help of UV radiation has been used in the food industry and in the medical field for some time, but has not yet fully found its way into other areas. This is despite the fact that the devices work very well, especially in times of increased bacterial load (winter time, corona, etc.) and are a simple solution for cleaning indoor air. The indoor air is polluted mainly by the breathing of the users and should be cleaned regularly. The devices suck in air, which is then purified with UV-C radiation. Bacteria, viruses and germs are killed in the process and the air is then released back into the room. In contrast to conventional disinfection, this does not lead to the formation of resistance. In addition, UV-C light can also be used to irradiate a surface in order to disinfect it. This method is currently used mainly for disinfecting operating theaters, but the application can easily be transferred to other areas.

Closed systems

Closed systems draw in ambient air through a fan. Inside the unit, the air is then irradiated with UV-C lamps and purified. After purification, the clean air is released back into the outside environment. Due to the enclosed design, users do not come into contact with the radiation and the unit can always be turned on while the room is in use. Therefore, these devices are ideal for all-day operation and can be used, for example, in offices, meeting rooms, school buildings, gymnasiums and many other places.

Open systems

Open systems irradiate an area directly with UV-C lamps to disinfect it. The room cannot be used, as the radiation is harmful to the skin above a certain dose. However, these devices are extremely useful for rooms that need to be cleaned regularly outside of the time of use. For example, an operating room or a clean room in industry can be easily and conveniently disinfected by these devices.


For disinfection a UV spectrum between 200nm and 280nm is needed. Our devices work with a short-wave radiation of 254nm, which penetrates through the envelope of viruses and deactivates them in the RNA (genetic material). This can prevent a virus from multiplying and thus spreading, the UV-C radiation is therefore also effective against viruses such as COVID-19 (Corona), SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, influenza (flu), measles and mumps. In addition, it can also be used to eliminate tuberculosis bacteria, fungal spores and yeasts.

Most UV-C air purifiers also have a built-in activated carbon filter, which filters particles from the air. This has an enormous advantage, especially for allergy sufferers, as irritations caused by pollen or other allergens are greatly reduced. The air filters should be replaced once a year to guarantee optimal filter performance.

How do I find the right air purifier?

To find the best device for your purpose, you must pay attention to the volume of air that the air purifier cleans in an hour. The products always have a volume rating, this indicates how much air the model cleans in an hour. The higher the volume per hour, the larger the room in which the device can be used. Our range includes air purifiers for low volumes, these are best for smaller rooms such as meeting rooms or small offices. However, you can also find a selection of air purifiers in our range for larger spaces such as workshops, retail spaces or open plan offices. The volumes range from the smallest devices with 90 cubic meters per hour to the largest with 1000 cubic meters per hour. So, the units can help you purify indoor air in all kinds of room sizes.

Buy UV-C air purifier

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