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We offer in our assortment various disinfectant wipes in different designs and packaging sizes for quick disinfection and cleaning of hands, surfaces and objects. Disinfectant wipes are used in most medical areas. There they can be used for the disinfection of surfaces, tools and other objects close to the patient. The wipes are also extremely popular in the care sector, as they can be used very quickly and flexibly. However, the disinfectant wipes have been used for a long time not only in the medical field and in nursing. Especially in times of increased bacterial load, they are also used in other areas where hygiene is important. You can also use them to clean and disinfect counters, monitors, keyboards and other objects.

Advantages of disinfecting wipes are:

- ready to use
- versatile
- packed in practical dispensers and bags
- suitable for surface and hand disinfection

Mode of action and spectrum of action

A disinfectant wipe should always be selected according to its desired effect. Many of these products have the following modes of action:

- levurocide (effective against yeast fungi)
- bactericidal (germicidal, i.e. against bacteria)
- virucidal (virus-killing, i.e. against viruses)

In our online shop you will find a large selection of different disinfectant wipes with a variety of suitable modes of action. Wipes that have a "virucidal" effect are especially needed for the medical sector. The products also have different exposure times, which are usually in a spectrum of 30 - 180 seconds. For the exact mode of action and exposure time, please refer to the data sheets and information of the individual products.

Hand and surface disinfection

In our assortment you can also find and buy disinfection wipes which are suitable for surfaces as well as for hand disinfection. These quick disinfection wipes are perfect for on the go due to their handy packaging. Due to their flexible use, they can also be placed, for example, in changing rooms or in entrance areas of public buildings, so that these areas can be disinfected quickly at any time. Most importantly, the wipes are directly ready for use and therefore do not need to be soaked with disinfectant, which makes their use immensely easier. They are the best choice for quick disinfection when used as a skin disinfectant or as a surface disinfectant.

Alcohol disinfecting wipes for surfaces

These disinfectant wipes are suitable for the gentle disinfection and cleaning of medical devices, medical tools, instruments and surfaces of all kinds. This type of disinfectant is characterised above all by its universal and rapid application. The packaging is resealable to prevent the wipes from drying out. They can therefore always be placed where they are needed most.

The ingenious coordination of material and amount of disinfectant liquid results in a fast and effective disinfection. This also means that there are no streaks or residues on the tools or surfaces.

Alcohol-free disinfection wipes

We also offer alcohol-free disinfection wipes as an alternative to the conventional ones. They can also be used for the universal disinfection of surfaces and tools.

These products are mainly characterized by their good material compatibility, so they are optimal for cleaning sensitive surfaces. They are also more suitable for sensitive skin than substances containing alcohol.

Disinfectant wipes for on the go

Disinfecting wipes are perfect for use on the go. Due to the handy packaging, they can be stowed in your handbag or car. So you always have the possibility to disinfect the hands or surfaces like handles of shopping carts and other risky surfaces.


In order to guarantee the shelf life and thus a sufficient disinfecting effect, it is important that the packaging is always closed again after removing a wipe. Liquids containing alcohol evaporate relatively quickly and can dry out if the packaging is left open. If handled correctly, a package can usually be used for three months after opening. When closed, disinfectant wipes can be stored for several years. The exact expiry date can be seen directly on the packaging. For longer storage, the optimum storage conditions on the packaging should be observed.

Safety instructions

Since most disinfectant wipes are wipes soaked with alcoholic agents, some safety instructions must be observed. The liquid is flammable due to the alcohol content, so it should be kept away from sparks and open flames. High heat radiation on the wipes should also be avoided. If the solution comes into direct eye contact, eyes should be gently rinsed and contact lenses removed if possible.

Disinfecting wipes at low prices

Buy disinfectant wipes from our online shop at low prices and benefit from fast delivery directly from our Swiss warehouse. Make disinfecting easier with our disinfection wipes and keep your environment hygienically clean. If you have difficulties in choosing the right product, you can contact us directly by phone or mail. In addition, you can also use the live chat in our shop to get a quick response to questions before you order.

Surface disinfection

Disinfection wipes

The wipes are already soaked and are offered in dispensers or bags. They are immediately ready for use and are therefore ideal for the rapid disinfection of table surfaces, keyboards, door traps, door handles, displays at the workplace and other surfaces. They can also be used in medical facilities, for example to disinfect surgical tools or surfaces. The biggest advantage of wipes is their fast and universal application as wipe disinfection.

When using and uncomplicated quick disinfection of surface disinfection wipes, it must be noted that the surface must be completely wetted with the disinfectant. More detailed instructions can be found on the product packaging.

Disinfectant sprays

In addition to disinfectant wipes, you can also order surface disinfectants in spray bottles online in our shop. A spray or a spray disinfection is particularly suitable for extensive cleaning, for example, if the entire work area must be disinfected after a medical intervention. These products are also ready to use and can be used immediately. The size of the containers range from 100ml (perfect for travelling) to 1000ml. In addition, for many products you can also buy canisters (5L, 10L or 25L) from us to refill the spray bottles yourself.

When using disinfectant spray, we recommend applying it directly to the surface. The agent should then be distributed under light pressure with a paper towel until the entire surface is wetted. For more detailed application instructions, the manufacturer's instructions on the package insert or packaging should be followed.

Explanation of terms

When choosing the right product for your application, it is important to pay attention to certain terms. With regard to effectiveness against viruses, a distinction is made between "limited virucidal" and "virucidal". Limited virucidal agents are only effective against enveloped viruses, whereas virucidal agents also kill non-enveloped viruses. Another term that often comes up is "fungicidal." This defines an agent that kills fungi or spores. "Bactericidal" is the name given to an agent that damages bacteria to the point of killing them.

Alcohol-based surface disinfectants

Alcohol is the most widely used agent for disinfecting surfaces. Alcohol-based disinfectants contain a percentage of water, which allows the alcohol to penetrate the cells of the bacteria, where it destroys them. It is important with such a disinfectant cleaner that the material of the surface is compatible with alcohol and therefore cannot be damaged by the agent.

Do not disinfect the following surfaces with alcohol-based agents:

  • Plexiglas
  • Acrylic glass
  • Alcohol-soluble paints (if unsure, test on an inconspicuous area)
  • Imitation leather

To prevent bacteria from surviving, alcohol-based products must contain a large proportion of ethanol. This usually also results in a certain flammability, which is why the safety instructions on the packaging should be followed exactly. However, if used and stored correctly, these products can be used without concern.

Surface disinfectants without alcohol

For surfaces that are not compatible with alcohol, alcohol-free surface disinfectants are suitable. The modes of action of the disinfectants can be very different here. However, they are always based on either killing or displacing bacteria. For the exposure time and the effectiveness of the ready-to-use solutions, the package insert and product description should always be consulted.

Contact time

The exposure time is decisive for the selection of the right disinfectant and is very fast in comparison with alcohol-based products. However, it differs depending on the product and can also vary according to the mode of action. For exact information you can refer to the specific product information of the concentrate.

Shelf life

Disinfectant wipes in sealed bags or dispensers can usually be stored for several years. Once the package is opened, they should be used within approximately 3 months to ensure their continued effectiveness for surface disinfection. It is crucial that the dispensers are always resealed correctly, especially with frequent use, so that they do not dry out.

Purchase and advice

A wide range of surface disinfectants can be ordered at Heros Hygiene at favourable prices. Protect yourself and those around you with correct surface disinfection and avoid the transmission of pathogens, especially in high-risk areas, and take action against unwanted microorganisms. If you are unsure about the selection of the right agent, you are welcome to contact us by mail, by phone or via the live chat in the online shop, we will be happy to advise you.