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Visitor gowns, protective gowns or disposable gowns are mainly used in the medical sector. Their use reduces the risk of spreading germs, e.g. MRSA, and thus serves to protect medical staff, patients and visitors. Disposable protective gowns are mandatory protective clothing in certain areas, such as the operating room. The protective gowns can also prevent soiling of clothing. They are therefore also very popular, for example, in industry or in test laboratories. The gown protects the user from direct contact with harmful substances such as chemicals or acids.

Material and properties

The protective gowns for disposable use are usually made of a non-woven polypropylene (PP) material. This non-woven material has the advantage that it does not contain any latex and can therefore be used without hesitation even by people allergic to latex. Depending on the application, the disposable gown can also be polyethylene-coated (PE) to make it resistant to the penetration of liquids but also viruses and bacteria. In industry, on the other hand, properties such as antistatic can also be decisive for the selection of the appropriate product.

Size and fit

There are different sizes of protective gowns available, some come in a universal size (120 x 140 cm), while others come in the usual size divisions of S, M, L, XL. The length of the sleeves also vary. In nursing, for example, gowns with short sleeves are very popular, because they completely cover the work clothes and still provide a high level of comfort. In the operating room, on the other hand, disposable gowns with long sleeves are often used, as it is important for this purpose that the entire body surface is covered. In addition to the classic one-piece gowns, we also offer sets consisting of a closed upper and lower part. These are mainly used when the complete clothing is to be covered. Overshoes, gloves, face masks and hoods can be purchased as a supplement or as a set.

Why disposable gowns?

Disposable gowns are mandatory in the medical field because they are more hygienic than reusable gowns. Disposing of them after use ensures that viruses and bacteria are not spread. In the case of reusable gowns, cleaning is always a critical process, as it only guarantees the elimination of all harmful germs when performed optimally. In industry or laboratories, harmful and stubborn substances are often used, which also makes cleaning much more difficult. Due to the cleaning and purchase costs, reusable gowns are significantly less economical than the use of disposable gowns.


As part of PPE (personal protective equipment), gowns are subject to defined guidelines and standards. Various ISO standards define the resistance of disposable gowns, so you should pay attention to the required standard when making your selection in critical areas. The decisive factor for these ISO certifications is EN 14126, which defines the requirements as well as the test procedures.

Buy protective gowns

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