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Overshoes are used to prevent the transfer of dirt, bacteria or viruses via footwear in hygiene-sensitive areas. In addition, they can also be used as protection against moisture in wet conditions. They are mainly used in the medical field to prevent contamination and pollution of operating theatres or other delicate sectors. They are also often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries by professionals or visitors. They can be combined with other protective clothing to protect any critical areas.


As part of the PPE (personal protective equipment) a good fit is extremely important to prevent accidents and to guarantee effectiveness. The elastic band allows the overshoes to always fit snugly on your foot. They can be worn by people with smaller feet, as well as over boots. The universal size allows a good fit with a wide range of footwear and shoe sizes.


Disposable overshoes are usually made of the extremely robust material CPE (Cast Polyethylene). It is characterised by its exceptional durability. It is a thermoplastic material that can be used in a wide range of applications. The material is absolutely waterproof, which means that the overshoes can also be used for wet cleaning without any problems. In some cases, only the sole of the shoe is made of plastic and the upper side of the overshoe is made of a fleece material.

Thickness specification

Often a value in my, µm (pronounced as "mu") is given in the product description. This is the thickness of the material, one µm or micrometer is 0.001mm. This value therefore describes the thickness of the material, which gives an indication of its durability. Mostly a selection of shoe covers is offered in a thickness of 40my or 60my. So basically, the thicker disposable overshoes are a bit more durable.

Overshoe dispenser

In our assortment you can also find overshoe dispensers. These make it much easier to put on the overshoes, as it is not necessary to bend down to put them on. Above all, however, they prevent the overshoes from coming into contact with each other, thus further reducing the risk of contamination. They can be conveniently placed directly next to entrance doors to critical areas. The current level can be read at any time from a viewing window.

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