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Wooden toothbrushes Swiss Made
Wooden toothbrushes for young and old, made of local wood, with a lot of love and one hundred percent environmentally friendly!

Local and environmentally conscious
The wooden toothbrushes are made in Switzerland, more precisely in Toggenburg. Even the beech wood used comes from Toggenburg, which reduces the CO2 balance of our production to a minimum, as long transport routes are avoided.

The wood is FSC-certified, which guarantees that it comes from ecologically and socially managed forests. The processed wood of the Liebwerk wooden toothbrushes is characterised by its hardness, durability and good bending properties. This makes it in no way inferior to a conventional plastic toothbrush.

On the contrary, the wooden handle is 100% biodegradable and coated with a plant-based wax. So much cooler than one of those plastic toothbrushes.

Engravings to prevent mishaps
Not only are the engravings beautiful, but their main purpose is to make sure you don't mix up your toothbrushes. So you can outfit your whole family with our wooden toothbrushes and still avoid accidentally using the toothbrush of your partner who had an extra helping of aioli for dinner.

The engravings on the wooden toothbrushes are meant to reflect the versatility and beauty of our natural world, and therefore represent the different climate zones and their tree species. So, when brushing your teeth, transport yourself either to a tropical palm tree by the sea, to the shade of a Mediterranean deciduous tree or to the cool north to a coniferous tree.

Wooden toothbrushes come in cardboard packaging that is 100% recyclable. Recycling cardboard reduces cardboard waste in landfills, raw material requirements, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions from cardboard manufacturing.

And it's not just the packaging cardboard that needs to be disposed of, the wooden toothbrushes do too. This should happen with our Holl toothbrushes after about two months of use. Simply break off the bristle head and dispose of it in the household waste. The handle is 100% biodegradable and can be composted or creatively reused! In this way it gets a second life as a soil fertilizer, as a means of production for the production of heat, electricity and fuel or even for handicrafts.

Environmental protection
The sustainable and responsible use of natural resources is a central component of this product line, which is why 5% of all sales go to WWF Switzerland.

WWF is one of the largest environmental organisations in the world and they do exactly what is important to us. Namely, they are committed to health and environmental projects locally and worldwide.

The donation will go specifically to WWF Switzerland's Rainforest Project, which is dedicated to the protection and preservation of tropical rainforests and advocates for global sustainable forestry.

Tropical rainforests cover only 7% of the earth's surface, but are home to 50% of all animal and plant species worldwide. They also regulate the climate, protect the soil from erosion and are a hugely important source of timber, medicinal plants, food and other resources.

The aim of the WWF Rainforest Project is to ensure the protection and sustainable use of these very resources. The project supports for example the sustainable use of wood and reforestation in Madagascar, the introduction of efficient cook stoves in China and motivates local producers to compensate the CO2 emissions.

Buy one of our wooden toothbrushes and protect the rainforest!