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When cleaning glass surfaces, the selection of the right cleaning agent is of utmost importance. Especially in this area, impurities and smear marks are quickly visible and present an unattractive picture. If the wrong or a poor concentrate is selected, the result after cleaning is sometimes worse than before. Therefore, if possible, you should use premium window cleaners, which dry quickly and without streaks and leave a professional and thorough impression. A thorough and clean window cleaning can improve the feeling of the room enormously and allows you and your visitors a beautiful view of the outside world.

What must a good window cleaning product be able to do?

Cleaning power

The main criterion of a cleaning agent is the cleaning power itself, because this decides how well even heavier dirt can be removed. Depending on the degree of soiling, high-performance cleaning agents can be used, which can also remove oil- or grease-containing soiling without any problems. We recommend these especially for window or glass surfaces in garages or workshops near the work area. These products are also popular in industry to clean windows cleanly.

Cleaning without streaks

Especially in strong sunlight, the residues in the form of streaks or drops like to appear. A good cleaning product, on the other hand, should dry quickly and, above all, without streaks. However, streaks can also be caused by using too little or too much cleaning agent. Therefore, you should always follow the product instructions to obtain the perfect mixing ratio of water and window cleaner concentrate.
Our cleaning agents

Dr. Quick

When it comes to cleaning agents, we fully trust the Dr. Schnell brand, which focuses on the production of professional cleaning agents. In addition, the company is aware of its ecological responsibility towards people and their environment. We very much appreciate the cooperation in the distribution of the high-quality products with Dr. Schnell and have had very good experiences over the years.

Dr. Schnell Glasfee eco

The glass cleaner Glasfee eco is ideal for the residue-free cleaning of water- and solvent-resistant materials. In addition to window cleaning, other smooth surfaces can also be cleaned without any problems. The product ending "eco" stands for the product range of ecologically sustainable cleaning agents, these products have been awarded the EU Ecolabel and are produced in an environmentally friendly way. The window cleaner Glasfee is one of the most popular products in professional window cleaning and ensures the best cleaning results.

Dr. Schnell Glasan

For heavy and stubborn dirt, especially outside, we recommend the use of Dr. Schnell Glass Cleaner Concentrate. This also removes greasy and oily dirt, nicton, soot or fresh coatings without any problems. Especially in the vicinity of industrial workplaces where oil or other grease-containing agents are used, we recommend the use of Glasan. In principle, however, this window cleaner is suitable for exterior and interior cleaning of all alkali-resistant glass surfaces and frames.

Buy glass and window cleaner

Order the high-quality window cleaners quickly, easily and cheaply from our Swiss online store and benefit from short delivery times. In addition to window and glass cleaners, we also offer other cleaning products, cleaning equipment and accessories. Our offer includes everything you need for hygienic cleaning. If you have problems finding a product or have questions, you can contact our competent customer service, they will be happy to help you.