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Hygiene is an extremely important aspect for well-being and health in all areas of life. In our online store you can find a wide range of different products that allow you to keep your environment hygienic and clean or to protect yourself and your fellow men.

Buy hygiene products

When buying hygiene products, the quantity required is the most important factor. Private individuals have a smaller need and can therefore also purchase small quantities from us. Companies, on the other hand, have higher consumption quantities, which is why we also offer practical larger containers. You should make sure that you always have enough hygiene products in stock so that you do not run into a bottleneck. The ordering process can be done easily and quickly through our online store and the products will be delivered directly to you in a few days.

What products are included in hygiene products?

Hygiene products include a large number of different items. Typical products in this category are:

- Disinfectants and cleaning products
- Work protection (face masks, gowns, disposable gloves, etc.)
- Hygiene dispensers (for paper, soaps, disinfectants and more)
- Various hygiene papers
- Care and hand cleaning products
- Toiletries (changing tables, air fresheners, etc.)

Hygiene articles for business and private use

In areas such as industry, catering, care and medical facilities, many disinfectants and cleaning products find frequent use. The spreading of toxic substances, germs, bacteria or dirt is of utmost importance especially in these areas to create a healthy and good working environment. Our online store assortment for hygiene supplies and cleaning supplies includes various products that are perfectly suitable for a commercial application.
Our hygiene dispensers are especially suitable for commercial use and provide your employees, patients or visitors with disinfectants, soaps and various hygiene papers. We also offer the products needed to fill the dispensers. To ensure that you always have enough hygiene products in stock, we also offer the products in bulk. For medical areas and the food industry, we are happy to supply you with the necessary work protection, such as masks, gloves or gowns.
However, our offer also includes products that are often and gladly used privately. For your household you will find various cleaning and care products for hands and skin, household rolls and toilet paper, disinfectants and much more.
Whether you use the products privately or commercially, you can order directly from our online store. This gives you the advantage that the ordering process is extremely quick and easy.


Just because the hygiene and cleanliness in all areas of life is very important, we count above all on a good quality of the products. We work with leading brands in the hygiene sector to offer you the best quality at fair prices. Some of our top brands in the field of hygiene are:

- Ophardt Hygiene AG
- Tork
- Katrin
- Dr. Schnell
- Oeco Swiss
- Germstar

Hygiene articles order favorably with Heros hygiene

Buy quickly, easily and conveniently various hygiene products and more directly from our online store and benefit from low prices and fast delivery directly from Swiss warehouse to your home or business. If you have any questions or are unsure of the right product, we will be happy to advise you and help you find the right product for your application and use.