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Hand disinfectant is essential for good and thorough hand cleaning. Not only in the surgical and medical field, for example in hospitals and nursing homes, but also in the private sector, hand hygiene has become increasingly important. To reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria, frequent hand disinfection in the private sector is highly recommended. Hand disinfectant usually consists of a mixture of different alcohols, which produce a very high disinfection rate. Our disinfectant also contains caring ingredients that make hand disinfection several times a day less stressful for the skin.

Different types

In our shop you will find different types of hand disinfectants and hand disinfection solutions. The hand hygiene products differ in consistency (gel or liquid) and composition (alcohol-based or alcohol-free disinfection).

The caring hand disinfectant hand-it care is an alcohol-based disinfectant with 70% alcohol content. With bio-certified emollients it provides a natural re-fattening of the skin and thus does not lead to skin irritations even after prolonged use. Thus, it is ideally suited for the medical field and also for daily private use.

As a further option for hand disinfection, you will find the hand disinfection gel Sahara in our online shop. The gel is easy to dose and is therefore very effective even in small quantities. Thanks to caring ingredients, the skin does not become dry at all, even with frequent applications when disinfecting. The gel is biodegradable and also smells pleasantly fresh.
In the category of hand disinfection gels we also sell the hygiene hand gel Colosé against pathogens. The gel has an ethanol content of up to 70%, is absorbed very quickly into the skin and the hands do not become dry at all. The gel is available fragrance-free or with a citrus scent.

As a more natural variant, you can also buy the Probisana hand gel with benign probiotics from us, which displace malignant bacteria and viruses on the skin. By applying the gel, a healthy hand microflora is created and therefore the hand gel is active for several hours. The probiotic gel is gentle to the skin and even after multiple applications the skin feels clean and soft. The Probisana Hand Gel consists of 55% alcohol.


Viruses and bacteria spread through droplet and smear infections. To prevent this, hands must be washed or disinfected regularly. Hand washing is a necessary and regular measure, but in some situations it is not possible or not efficient enough. Hand sanitizers provide proper hand hygiene in these cases. In addition to hands and forearms, surfaces should also be regularly disinfected, for this we recommend the products in the category surface disinfection in our online shop.

Instructions - Hand disinfection can be done in 7 simple steps:

  1. Rub palm on palm.
  2. Rub right palm over left back of hand and left palm over right back of hand.
  3. Rub palm on palm with fingers interlocked and spread.
  4. Rub outside of fingers on opposite palms with fingers interlaced.
  5. Rub right and left thumb.
  6. Rub closed fingertips into right and left palms.
  7. Allow to soak in for 30 seconds

After a short soaking time the disinfectant gel is absorbed. Our disinfectants come in convenient bottles for hand hygiene and disinfection on the go or in larger canisters to refill disinfection stations.

Areas of application:

  • Retirement and nursing homes
  • any public facilities
  • Schools
  • Doctors' surgeries and treatment rooms

Differences and advantages

The traditional high alcohol disinfectant is very efficient and mostly in use in medical settings. The agent works quickly against pathogens, but can leave hands dry or cracked after frequent use. Alcoholic products can also have an unpleasant scent, so we recommend our Hand-it Gel, which has a neutral scent, or the Colosé Gel with a pleasant lemon scent. For children or everyday non-medical use, we recommend Probisana's probiotic gel. However, we also have Sterillium, the classic among disinfectant solutions, in our range.

Explanation of terms

When choosing the right product for your application, it is important to pay attention to certain terms. With regard to the effectiveness of solutions and preparations against viruses, a distinction is made between "limited virucidal" and "virucidal". Limited virucidal agents are only effective against enveloped viruses; in contrast, virucidal agents also kill non-enveloped viruses. Another term that often comes up is "fungicidal." This defines an agent that kills fungi or spores. "Bactericidal" is the name given to an agent that damages bacteria to the point of killing them.


The hand disinfectant hand-it care, the hand disinfectant gel Sahara and the hand disinfectant gel Colosé, which you can order from us, fulfil the efficacy and exposure time according to EN1500:

  • bactericidal in 30 seconds
  • virucidal (incl. coronaviruses, noroviruses and influenza viruses) in 30 seconds
  • fungicidal (yeasts) in 30 seconds
  • mycobactericidal in 60 seconds

Sales sizes

Our hand disinfectant is available in many different sizes. Suitable for everyday use, we have convenient 100ml smock bottles with clip holders or 50ml/100ml/250ml large spray bottles for efficient use and infection prevention. The disinfectant gels can be purchased either in the 50ml bottles with flip top lids for convenient everyday use or in larger bottles with the convenient hand pump accessory suitable for use in public areas. The Euro bottles in your disinfectant dispensers or disinfection columns can be refilled with canisters and the matching filling taps.


Our disinfectants available online have all been tested by BAG and proven effective against bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses. An overview (disinfectant list) of the tested products can be found on the BAG site. According to the BAG, the surface disinfectants and skin disinfectants are suitable for the following areas of application:

  • Hands
  • Surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories and industry
  • in companies of the food sector


For the production of our hand and surface disinfectants we trust in the long lasting cooperation with the company Novapura AG. Through close cooperation we were able to ensure the Swiss quality standard and thus optimize the in-house product Hand-it care. Furthermore we sell Sterillium from the German manufacturer BODE. We also carry the aromatic disinfectant from Colosé as well as the Sahara disinfectant gel from Micrylium. For the probiotic hand disinfection we recommend the skin caring Probisana hand gel from Chrisal.