About us


The needs of our customers are at the centre of our activities. Our product range is the result of a constant dialogue with our customers, interested parties as well as manufacturers and suppliers. By using optimal hygiene products and appropriate, sustainable  consumables, our customers can increase compliance, reduce their expenses and thus positively influence their operating results and reputation.

Performance Program

We offer our customers

  • personal and competent advice on the phone, by e-mail and on site
  • rapid order processing and on-time delivery
  • a very good price/quality ratio
  • a customer-friendly service
  • holistic problem solutions in the field of hygiene, cleaning and consumable requirements
  • flexible procurement of articles outside our standard range of products


As a Swiss company, we concentrate on the Swiss market and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Customers from EU countries can be supplied directly by the independent company heroshygiene.at.

Quality and sustainability / prices and conditions

In addition to quality, the sustainability of our articles has top priority. Wherever possible, we buy directly from local producers (e.g.  Oeco Swiss toilet paper). In the interest of our customers, we are open to new products that improve or simplify processes or make them completely superfluous. Our products have a very good price/quality ratio. Our conditions usually remain stable throughout the year. They are reviewed in January and adjusted if necessary. For annual accounts or larger orders, please contact us. This will enable us to provide you with an individual quotation.

Relationship with customers, interested parties as well as suppliers and manufacturers

We consider our customers and interested parties as well as suppliers and manufacturers as equal business partners. Our aim is to build up a long-term, successful business relationship based on mutual trust.


In order to be able to guarantee our customers rapid order processing, we attach great importance to the good training of our employees as well as clear and short process flows. The associated high decision-making competence of our sales staff enables us to provide fast and competent customer service.


Our company name Heros is derived from the name of the founder of Heros Hygiene, Helmut Rosskopf. He founded the sole proprietorship heros hygiene in the ri.nova centre in Rebstein in 1997. As early as 1998, the ambitious company was relocated to its new headquarters in Diepoldsau at Wiesgasse 1 for capacity reasons. In 2003 Helmut Rosskopf had to step down for health reasons and sold the business to Alfred Weder. The business was continuously expanded.

In January 2010 his son Patrick Weder took over the management and founded Heros Hygiene GmbH. We supply the whole of Switzerland with optimal consumables and hygiene solutions.


Patrick_Weder  Patrick Weder
Sales Manager, Member of the GL
 Nicoletta_Silipo Nicoletta Silipo
Consulting, Sales
 Nicole_Serwart Nicole Serwart
Consulting, Sales
Benjamin_Savary  Benjamin Savary
Marketing, Consulting, Sales
Claudia_Brodbeck Claudia Brodbeck
Consulting, Sales l Field Service
Jan_Serwart Jan Serwart
Consulting, Sales

 Yanik Locher
 Logistics, Shipping


 Adrien Steiner
 Logistics, Shipping


 Carla Preising
 Beratung + Verkauf


 Flora Papantuono
 Beratung + Verkauf


 Jonas Pfister