Paper towel dispenser from the company Heros Hygiene

Our paper towel dispensers are a professional solution for providing paper towels. Mostly they are used in public washrooms, such as schools or medical facilities. However, paper dispensers are also popular in private companies or the catering industry. The application is particularly worthwhile if the washrooms have a high visitor frequency. Since the paper towels are used only once, their use is extremely hygienic. The guest does not have to touch any surfaces contaminated by bacteria or viruses.

On our online store we offer a large assortment of dispenser systems in best quality at low prices. Whether it is toilet paper dispensers, towel dispensers or dispenser combinations, you will find a suitable product to order for every use and price.

Advantages of a paper dispenser:

- Hygienic
- Easy and quick to refill
- High capacity
- Economical to use

Paper towel dispenser for folded towels

With these dispensers, paper towels are inserted that are folded so that when they are pulled out, the next paper is automatically pulled in. These are individual towels that are folded into each other.

It is important that you always buy the right folded paper or towel paper for your folded towel dispenser to prevent paper jams. We also offer combination dispensers as hand dryers, where a soap dispenser is directly integrated in the towel dispenser.

There are the following types of folded towels:
- C-fold (ply fold)
- V-fold (zig-zag)
- Z-fold (non-stop / interfold)
- W-fold (one-stop / interfold)

Paper towel dispenser for paper rolls

The dispenser is filled with a paper roll or towel roll, which is perforated at sheet-size intervals for easy tearing off. However, there are also versions with a toothing on which the roll can be torn off at the desired distance to individual paper towels. In this case, the user can remove as much paper as he needs. We recommend these roll towel dispensers especially for environments where both hands and surfaces need to be wiped.

Design and material

We offer folding and roll towel dispensers for washrooms and kitchens in a variety of styles so that a suitable unit can be found for any budget and washroom design. In addition to the size of the dispenser, you also have a choice of different material designs.

Dispensers in the following materials are available:
- stainless steel
- aluminum
- aluminum powder coated in white
- aluminum impregnated in copper
- plastic white

Assembly and refilling

The dispensers are very easy to mount on the wall with a few screws. Ideally, the paper towel dispenser is placed directly next to the sink. This prevents water from dripping from the hands onto the floor on the way from the sink to the paper dispenser. In addition, the waste container for used towels should be placed under the paper towel dispenser. Manufacturers recommend a mounting height between 120cm and 140cm for adults.
All paper towel dispensers can be easily opened from the front, allowing quick and efficient refilling. The fill level indicator always gives you an overview of whether there is still enough content. Against theft of towels there are articles which are lockable.

Suitable paper

In our store you can also find various papers for refilling the donations. You should make sure to buy the right paper for your dispenser. Especially with paper rolls, you have to pay attention to the suitable diameter of the roll and whether it is an inside or outside roll.

Purchase Checklist:

Before you decide on a model, you can go through the following checklist in your head. That way, you're sure to find the right model for your business.
- Is the capacity sufficient?
- Does the design match the premises?
- Does the dispenser harmonize visually with existing items (for example, the soap dispenser)?
- Are the dimensions right?
- Are the towels available for refilling at a reasonable price?
- Can the unit be screwed to the wall or does it have to be glued?


When it comes to paper dispensers, we have been counting on the high-quality products of the OPHARDT and TORK companies for years. Their wide range of products and their experience in the field of hygiene make them a strong and valuable partner.