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Unlike conventional scrubber-driers, brush-roller machines have two brush rollers rotating against each other instead of the usual disc brushes. Thanks to the high surface pressure and the high brush speed, these floor cleaners are perfect for heavily soiled surfaces. However, textured floor surfaces and even carpets can also be cleaned efficiently and effectively with the help of a brush roll machine.

Advantages of a brush roller machine

Brush roller machines have a very compact design, as the drive motor and water tank are mounted directly above the brush rollers. This allows for a very lightweight design and makes it easy to transport the machine by hand. In addition, the brush roll machines are designed in such a way that it is possible to clean both forwards and backwards. For this purpose, a water intake system is specially installed on both sides.

Another important advantage is that the brush rollers reach very far to the edge of the device. This allows cleaning close to the edge even on walls or corners. The entire system is protected by a robust aluminum cover, which makes the device low-maintenance and extremely safe.

Advantages at a glance

- Compact design
- Easy to transport
- Forward and backward movement possible
- Near-edge floor cleaning
- Removes even stubborn dirt
- Low maintenance
- Easy to operate

Brush-roller machine with or without steam system?

In our offer you can find brush roller machines with the product extension "Steam". These have a steam system that sprays 130 degree hot steam onto the floor surface, which loosens even the most stubborn dirt. Especially textile floor coverings can be cleaned effectively with the help of this function.

Numatic brush-roller machines

Numatic products shine above all due to their simple operation and the high quality of the products. Through customer-oriented product development and the pursuit of continuous improvement, Numatic has developed into one of the market-leading manufacturers in the field of cleaning machines. In recent years, Numatic developed ReFlo technology, which uses recycled material with the highest quality standards. This has allowed the company to develop both durable and sustainable products.

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