Paper towel rolls from the company Heros Hygiene

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TORK Premium Rollenhandtuch (100m)
TORK Premium Roll Towel (100m)
Content 6 Rolle(n)
From CHF 85.46 *
KATRIN Classic Handtuchrolle M2 2-lagig
KATRIN Classic Towel Roll M2
Content 6 Rolle(n)
From CHF 57.60 *
KATRIN Classic Handtuchrolle M2 2-lagig blau
KATRIN Classic Towel Roll M2 blue
Content 6 Rolle(n)
From CHF 65.88 *
KATRIN Plus Handtuchrolle 2S
KATRIN Plus Towel Roll S2
Content 12 Rolle(n)
From CHF 55.50 *
KATRIN Plus Handtuchrolle M2
KATRIN Plus Towel Roll M2
Content 6 Rolle(n)
From CHF 100.30 *
KATRIN Plus Handtuchrolle M3
KATRIN Plus Towel Roll M3
Content 6 Rolle(n)
From CHF 63.75 *
CWS Papierhandtuchrolle Zellstoff 2-lagig
CWS paper towel roll pulp 2-ply
Content 6 Stück
From CHF 75.60 *
CWS Papierhandtuchrolle Zellstoff 3-lagig
CWS paper towel roll pulp 3-ply
Content 6 Stück
CHF 83.50 *
Lucart Papierhandtuchrolle EcoNatural 155 2-lagig
Lucart paper towel roll EcoNatural 155 2-ply
Content 6 Rolle(n)
From CHF 59.90 *

Our paper towel rolls are an all-around hygienic and economical solution for drying hands. Compared to individual paper towels, the rolls are slightly cheaper and can be torn directly from the roll. Basically, the rolls are always used in combination with a suitable dispenser system.

The rolls are particularly suitable for use in washrooms with a high visitor frequency, but are also frequently used in industry or in the catering trade. Paper towel dispensers with hand towel rolls can also be found wherever a hygienic and simple method of hand cleaning is required quickly, for example in workshops or laboratories.

How do I find the right paper towel roll?

When choosing the right roll for your towel dispenser, there are a few points that need to be considered. First, the basic dimensions of the rolls must be correct. One important dimension is the roll diameter, which usually also determines the number of towels per roll. Basically, the rolls are divided into three sizes: mini, midi and maxi. In addition, the roll width should also be checked to ensure that the roll is suitable for your system. Further, it should be noted whether the rolls are of the inside-winding or outside-winding type.

When you buy paper towel rolls, in addition to the requirements for the dimensions, the paper is also decisive. Especially the absorbency is a factor, which is influenced by the layers of the paper. Most paper towels are either 2-ply or 3-ply, basically more plies also mean better absorbency. 2-ply towels are a very good compromise between a low price and good absorbency, which is more than sufficient for most applications. If you have particularly high demands on the paper, we recommend the 3-ply versions.

In addition to the layers, you can also choose on the color and type of paper when buying. We offer products made of pulp of the highest quality. In addition, our assortment also includes various recycled sanitary papers for customers who are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative. In our store you can also find a wide range of rolls with different colors or graphics. Of course, we also offer rolls in a universally applicable white.

Brands and systems

One of the largest and best known systems for roll towels comes from the Tork brand, which is fully dedicated to washroom hygiene. Tork's huge range includes various paper towel rolls such as Tork Premium, Tork-Matic, Tork Recycling and Tork Advanced. Also, our range includes a variety of matching paper towel dispensers for your washroom.

The second system in our range is called Katrin and includes the Katrin Classic and Katrin Plus product lines. Here, too, we offer the towel rolls and the matching hygiene dispensers, so you can buy the whole system from us if you need it.

Buy paper towel rolls

Through our online store you can access a huge assortment and order your products quickly and conveniently online. For larger quantities, you can also buy paper towels by the pallet at our wholesale. This way you benefit from the wholesaler discount and ensure that you always have enough towel rolls in stock. Our competent customer service will be happy to advise you on choosing the right hygiene product. Order now and benefit from low prices and fast delivery times.