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Folding changing table is an important element for the establishment of a public washroom in buildings such as department stores, municipalities or other public places. But also in the private environment, such changing tables are perfect for the baby's room to change diapers, wash or dress infants. Folding changing tables are extremely space-saving compared to a changing table with a stand and can be attached directly to the wall, which is why they are one of the most popular variants of the changing table. Especially for small spaces, these items are most suitable and in our offer you will find a selection of different designs and functions.


A foldable changing table is equipped with a joint that allows you to place the changing pad either vertically or horizontally. This allows the changing table to be unfolded when in use, but does not take up space when not in use. Many models also have shelves or drawers attached to the wall unit so that baby powder, diapers or other changing accessories can be placed there. Due to the small form factor and the function as a changing shelf, foldable changing tables are the best choice especially in public washrooms.


When choosing a suitable changing table, there are some criteria according to which you can decide on an item.
First of all, we recommend you to pay attention to the dimensions of different changing tables, so you can estimate how much space the changing table will take. In our assortment, you will find changing tables that have a small wall mount, which once again minimizes the space needed. Others, however, are equipped with shelves on the wall bracket, which makes them gain functionality, but as a result they lose compactness.

Design can also be a criterion, which is why we have various high-quality materials and colors in our range. We offer changing tables made of wood, metal or even plastic. Especially the changing tables made of wood or stainless steel are very high quality and durable. The plastic products are also high quality, but have the advantage of being very light and small. With the plastic models, you usually also benefit from a lower price than with changing tables made of wood or metal. We have the right design in stock for every washroom, whether it's in classy metals and wood or practical plastic, you'll find the perfect changing table for every room in our range.

In addition to the material and size, the color is also crucial to ensure that the changing station blends in well with the room. We focus on simple and modern colors for our models. The models are offered in either black, white, gray or brown.


A foldable changing table is usually attached directly to the wall with several screws. Wall mounting is very simple and can basically be done directly by yourself. Of course, this work can also be done by a professional craftsman. The exact mounting procedure may differ for the various products, but this is described in detail in the package insert. The screws are included in the packaging of most changing tables, so you only need a cordless screwdriver or screwdriver to assemble the changing table.

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