Disinfection columns of the company Heros Hygiene

Our disinfection columns are an elegant and practical solution for hand disinfection. The columns are often used in the entrance area of stores, medical facilities or generally in places where people come into contact. In areas where there is a high frequency of visitors, the use of disinfection columns, infections and transmission of germs can be prevented. The columns can be easily set up and are very easy to refill. The dispensers are operated either manually via an arm lever or contact-free via a sensor.

Manual disinfection stations

Our manual disinfection stations are operated manually by an arm lever, which can be ordered in long or short versions. A great advantage of these dispensers is that they can be operated without batteries. The arm lever offers the user the advantage of being able to operate the lever more easily with the elbow and thus not having to touch it with the hand, which is much more hygienic. Therefore, this variant is particularly popular in hospitals or other medical facilities. Arm lever dispensers are made of stainless steel and are easy and quick to clean. This variant of the disinfection column offers a cheaper alternative to the touchless columns, but they are not inferior to them either in appearance or use.

Touchless disinfection columns

The touchless disinfection columns offer optimal conditions for touchless hand disinfection in critical areas. The touchless dispenser systems are operated by a sensor. These columns or sensor dispensers are mostly used in public buildings or places with many people. The sensor of the dispensers is powered by batteries.

Advantages of the dispenser columns

Compared to a simple disinfectant bottle with a pump on a device, our disinfection columns have many advantages. First of all, they are practical and easy to use. They are also more hygienic, as they can be operated by elbow or sensor. Other advantages are:

  • Adjustable dosing quantity
  • Hygienic and easy refilling
  • Choice of several models
  • Professional solution
  • Partially autoclavable

Practical accessories

In our store you will find many other offers for accessories for our disinfection columns and hygiene columns. Here is a selection of items that might be useful for your disinfection dispensers:

  • Replacement pumps in stainless steel and plastic
  • Bundle with disinfectant canisters
  • Signal frames for easier identification
  • Drip trays
  • Locking screens for theft protection
  • Eurobottles for refilling

Areas of application

The most obvious area of application for disinfection columns is the medical sector, whether the entrance area of a doctor's practice or the entrance to a pharmacy. In current times, however, the issue of hygiene has become increasingly important in all areas of life. In places with many customers or employees, it is appreciated if a device with disinfectant is provided. With our many different disinfection column models, you are therefore optimally equipped for every situation.


For medical facilities, stores or public spaces, we recommend the touch-free disinfection columns, especially in the entrance area. This is easy to recognize and can be easily mounted and placed.Since the columns are available in different colors and designs, they can also be matched to the design of the room. The disinfection columns can also be supplemented with a signal frame, which helps customers and patients to find the disinfection station more quickly.

Adjustable dosing quantities

Almost all of our devices allow you to manually adjust the amount of disinfectant dispensed per actuation. This allows you to precisely adjust the device for your application so that neither too much nor too little agent is used. For sufficient disinfection, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends spreading about 3ml of disinfectant on the surface of your hand. So a 500ml bottle should be enough for about 170 applications, and a 1000ml bottle, in contrast, should be enough for about 340 applications.

Easy mounting

The columns are shipped with brief assembly instructions and are quick and easy to assemble. The sanitizer dispenser, stand, base plate, drip tray and document holder must be attached to the column with a few screws. The sanitizer dispenser is easy to refill as the euro bottle can be easily replaced or refilled.


The columns are shipped with short assembly instructions and can be assembled easily and quickly. The disinfectant dispenser, stand, base plate, drip tray and document holder must be attached to the column with a few screws. The sanitizer dispenser is easy to refill as the Euro bottle can be easily replaced or refilled.


When choosing disinfectant, we recommend agents that have been filled in Euro bottles or bags, as these can be easily inserted and replaced with the dispensers. It is also best to make sure that the disinfectants are listed with the public health department (BAG) to ensure comprehensive disinfection. At Heros Hygiene, we count on the hand disinfectant "Hand-it Care", which you can buy online from us, but it is also possible to operate all Euro dispensers with alternative agents. All disinfectant dispensers on our store can also be filled and used with soap.

Care and refilling

In general, our dispenser systems are very easy to maintain. The batteries in the touchless dispensers need to be replaced from time to time, but this can be done very easily and quickly. The pumps can also be removed from the dispenser for cleaning or replacement. For ease of cleaning, some of our dispensers are also dishwasher safe. Each dispenser comes with an instruction manual that explains how to remove the cartridge/bottle or pump. The Eurosystem makes it easy to replace the disinfectant bottles. This has the advantage that no dirt can get into the disinfectant during decanting. Of course, you can also refill the supplied Euro bottle by hand. The dispenser columns are made of stainless steel and are therefore easy to clean and maintain.

Manufacturer of disinfection columns

The disinfection columns are manufactured locally in Switzerland and for the production of our disinfectant dispensers we trust in the years of cooperation with the company OPHARDT. We are the official sales partner in Switzerland and have always had very good experiences with the high-quality OPHARDT products.