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With the help of a professional scrubber-dryer, you can clean various floor surfaces more economically and thoroughly than with conventional cleaning. The scrubber dryer brings an enormous increase in efficiency and also saves the amount of detergent needed due to automatic mixing. In addition to the saved detergent, the user of the machine is also spared and benefits from ergonomic and easy operation.

Cleaning machines are very versatile and thanks to our wide range of scrubber dryers, you will surely find the perfect device for your application. Whether you want to clean a small store or large areas like airports or shopping malls. A scrubber dryer is the efficient and effective solution for cleaning hard floors economically.

How does a scrubber dryer work?

With a modern scrubber dryer, dirt and grime are loosened from the surface with the help of a cleaning solution and the pressure of the brush. The detergent is mixed with water inside the machine before it is applied, and then applied directly to the floor through the brush. Basically, scrubber-driers are divided into two types of functions.

On the one hand, there are scrubber-driers with a roller brush head, where two rollers clean the floor at high speed and high contact pressure. Especially for coarse dirt and heavily soiled floors, this technology is the most suitable.

In addition to the roller brush head, you can also find devices with a disc brush head in our range. Here rotating discs are used for floor cleaning, this technology is especially suitable for maintenance cleaning of smooth floors. Especially in department stores, hotels or in the catering industry, these floor cleaning machines enjoy great popularity.

How do I choose the right scrubber-dryer?

Our offer includes various types of scrubber dryers for any application. Whether you are looking for a simple mains-powered small machine or a large battery-powered ride-on scrubber-dryer with adjustable working width, you will find it here. Basically, scrubber-driers can be divided into three designs/application types.

Compact and hand-guided scrubber-driers

These products are mainly suitable for fast and flexible cleaning in smaller stores, bars, restaurants and similar areas. Due to the compact design and easy handling, even areas with obstacles such as tables, counters or shelves can be cleaned well.

Walk-behind scrubber dryers

Trailing scrubber-driers are used for medium to large areas such as department stores or halls. The machines lose some of their maneuverability due to their somewhat larger design, but they are much more efficient in corridors, aisles or large open areas.

Ride-on scrubber-driers

The ride-on scrubber-driers are perfect for large and open areas such as department stores, warehouses or production halls or airports. Due to the possibility of sitting on top, even longer cleaning operations can be done with a high level of comfort. The operation of these cleaning machines is additionally very user-friendly and can be learned within a short time.

Scrubber dryer with rechargeable battery or mains powered?

Our Numatic or i-Mop scrubber-dryers are available as battery-powered or mains-operated models, depending on the model. Again, the application is the determining factor in selecting the appropriate power source.

Mains-powered devices

Corded units are available only in the handheld and walk-behind scrubber-dryer categories. Mains-powered units are an affordable alternative to battery-powered units and are ideal for cleaning small areas where people do not walk.

Battery-powered devices

Devices powered by a battery are significantly more flexible in use due to the absence of a cable. They can be used without any problems in areas where there are visitors or employees.

Drive type

User comfort and weight are the deciding factors as to whether or not the device requires its own drive. Lighter, hand-held scrubber-driers can be easily operated without a drive. The rotation of the brushes is used in these models to move the machine, which keeps the amount of power required very low.

However, when cleaning large areas and for long periods of time with the heavier machines, the work can be tiring, which is why these machines are usually equipped with a dedicated traction drive. Thus, even long work units can be performed comfortably and efficiently.


When buying our scrubber dryers, you have a choice between two different brands.


The i-Mop machines are a range of hand-held scrubber-driers designed primarily for compact design and flexible use.


Floor cleaners from the manufacturer Numatic are mainly known for their high quality and user-friendliness. Numatic has a long company history and over the years has become one of the market leaders in the field of cleaning machines.


In addition to a floor cleaning machine, you can also find suitable accessories for their device. Various attachments and pads as well as dirty water tanks and replacement batteries for different models are part of our range.

Buy scrubber dryers

Order the effective floor cleaning machines easily and conveniently online and benefit from low prices and short delivery times from Swiss warehouse. Through our online store you can also order the appropriate cleaning agents for your scrubber dryer. If you have any questions about the products, you can always contact our competent customer service, they will be happy to help you find the perfect product for your application.